Locxpress is a company boasting excellent technological and linguistical skills

Our mission is to provide comprehensive translation services with passion and professionalism. In doing so, we have forged partnerships with both the private and public sectors meeting the needs of both individuals and multi-nationals with the same bespoke level of service carried out with the highest level of discretion and diligence.

Our team of professional experts make up the two parts of our company, one dealing with CAT Translation and the other providing first class DTP services. Each section plays a different but vital role in the provision of our services with the added advantage of being able to collaborate on any projects to enhance the end results for you, our client. We pride ourselves on our ability to enable our clients to bridge the gap between cultures when looking for opportunities in new local markets.

LocXpress facilitates the use of IT for localisation projects and our bespoke translation services provide the connection between the many and varied cultures and civilisations that make up the modern global market place.
Our extensive team of translators are not only native speakers but also have several years of translation experience in their chosen fields of expertise, such as medical, legal, financial, technical, IT, automotive and marketing.