Locxpress'rich team of professionals

LocXpress'rich team of professionals can be split into the following categories:

Office Managers
Our managers ensure coordination across our various departments so your project will run smoothly from start to finish.

Relationship Managers
The sole purpose is looking after you, our client and ensuring that we understand your needs and look after your interests.

Project Managers
They work alongside with relationship managers, carefully managing our wide range of services from arranging a translation, providing an interpreter or getting a brochure translated, printed and delivered to your door.

Graphic Artists
When you have a need for a sharp look to your flyer, brochure, manual or handbook, we can use our team, to design an image for you or your company ready for print in any language via our DTP team.

Translators & Interpreters
We have a team of over [50] linguists across the globe who work for us. All our translators and interpreters are full-time, qualified, professional and experienced.

Web Designers
Our internal team of web designers specialise in building, designing and adapting websites into foreign languages.